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After hours and hours researching and reviewing different makes and models in an effort to find the best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker ,  I  am ready to share my list of the best with you. Look ==>

If you are like me you are searching for ways to provide healthy alternatives to feed your family. You may, also, be concerned about the toxic chemicals that leech into the food we eat. You may want to consider a stainless steel rice cooker without teflon. Many varieties of “non-stick” coatings have been tested and give off dangerous fumes and transfer BPA (bisphenol A) into our foods.

For these reasons and others, I have chosen Stainless Steel for my best choice for a Rice Cooker. They represent not only a good rice cooker but a safe rice cooker.

There are many advantages of Stainless Steel for cooking food. They include the fact that it doesn’t react with the food, it won’t absorb colors or odors, it won’t react to acidic foods, it won’t rust or tarnish or pit or peel, and it will not transfer dangerous toxic fumes into the food like “Non-Stick Coatings” are reported to do.


You may be confused by what “grade” of Stainless Steel is Best for a Rice Cooker?

First of all the term “Grade” does not denote the quality.  It refers to the metallurgical composition.

Stainless steel is used for different applications. This includes food, aerospace, plumbing, etc. There are several grades of SS that are used for food applications but the most common is 304 SS.

Another area of confusion is with the name. You may think, as I did, that stainless steel doesn’t stain. This is not true.  Steel comes from iron. And stainless steel uses iron in a small amount.  This element will cause the surface of your rice cooker to show a slight discoloration.  Other foods may cause a different stain effect due to the acidity.

This light staining is easily removed by simply heating some white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in the cooking pot.

Why do we use “non-stick” pans? Because food doesn’t stick, right?

Un-coated stainless steel in a rice cooker will make the rice will stick. The simple way to solve this is to use some non-stick spray like Spectrum or Wilton Bake

Let’s look at my Top Choices for Stainless Steel Rice Cookers:

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NP-NVC10 review


Zojirushi has truly made a wonderful contribution to the rice cooker markets. With its advanced technology and convenient features available for all, Zojirushi becomes the top of the list for all the potential rice cooker buyers.

We have reviewed all the best rice cookers available so you do not have to spend hours to find the right one.

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NP-NVC10 review will let you discover one of the best-seller Zojirushi rice cookers on the market today!


This rice cooker comes with 5.5 cup/1 liter capacity, and stylish black exterior that gives your kitchen a truly modern look. This  multi-purpose unit can also works as a pressure-cooker and warmer. (Model NVC18 has all the same features with a larger - 1.8 liter capacity)

It specializes as a rice cooker. It adapts to the cooking cycles that you set through its advanced technology, to give you the best results every time.

All you need to do to cook great rice is to tap orders into the rice cooker, and let it cook for you to perfection.

Why is NP-NVC10 Great for You?

  • The colored LED display comes with a timer and a clock to help you monitor the progress easily.  
  • The interior is made up of non-stick platinum that heats the water in the most efficient way so you can have the best tasting rice. 
  • If you like rice a little scorched, you can adjust the scorch settings as well for a light & crispy texture.
  • The steam-reduce settings  will reduce steam by as much as 50%, and rice is cooked more quickly in this way.
  • The ‘umami’ settings lets the rice soak for an ideal length of time. This also extends the steaming time at the end of the cycle. The slow process makes the rice taste sweeter in a different way.
  • It also comes with the IH or Induction Heating system, along with the Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • The unit even has a pressure control valve and a back-up pressure valve and a pressure indicator. These help you to prevent too much pressure from building in the cooker that can be dangerous for you.
  • You can make many kinds of rice dishes in this advance rice cooker, by using the extended menu in the right settings. For example, if you select brown rice from the menu settings, the cooker will automatically extend the preheating time so that the water is better absorbed, and temperature is lowered so that rice cook nice and slow with meshing together. Such adjustments are made automatically for sushi rice, mixed rice, porridge and GABA rice too.
  • The rice cooker has Extended Keep Warm, Automatic Keep Warm, and Reheat functions too that are displayed through the Keep warm monitor.

It does have a few drawbacks

  • The steam-reduction setting might make rice a little too hard compared to the normal. And it cannot be used to cook sweet or mixed rice because it is a separate setting and cannot be used simultaneously with these initial menu settings.
  • The scorched settings are also a part of other separate settings, so these cannot be combined with the basic menu settings as the rice cook.
  • This steel rice cooker is an expensive one to go for.
  • This is only for people who are interested in the sophistication and numerous functions of this model, as it can get complex for those who prefer simpler functions.


We like this model which is why it is at the top of our best buy list. However, this may not be the best choice for a first-time user of rice cookers. It can be rather complex and does take a few tries to figure out all the functions and features.

But, if you’ve used rice cookers before or you have an old one and you are looking to upgrade to a newer, fancier model, then this is our first choice.

You can make other sorts of rice that you might not think of making, like white, brown, GABA or mixed rice, sushi or porridge. It is expensive, as the Zojirushi Rice Cooker NP-NVC10 review suggests. But if you use it to its full, the model is definitely worth buying.

Looking for good quality japanese rice? Try this. We love it.

That’s Not All:

Zojirushi Rice Cooker NP-HCC10 review








IH System Rice Cooker and Warmer NP-HCC10 - 5.5 cups / 1.0 liters (Uncooked)

Induction Heating System Stainless Steel Rice Cooker and Warmer (Made in Japan)

The Induction Heating System Rice Cooker and Warmer uses high-tech Induction Heating (IH) technology to heat the inner cooking pan. Because of this special heating method, the rice cooker is able to make precise temperature adjustments to cook exceptional rice.

  • Superior induction heating (IH) technology efficiently provides high heat and prepared flawless rice every time
  • Multi-menu cooking functions: white rice (regular, softer or harder), jasmine white rice, mixed rice, sushi rice, porridge, sweet rice, brown rice, GABA brown rice and quick cooking
  • Clear-coated stainless steel exterior fits any kitchen décor and makes cleanup a snap
  • Triple heater (bottom, side and lid) generate heat all around for even heating
  • Automatic keep warm & extended keep warm keeps rice at the perfect serving temperature
  • Healthy cooking options: brown rice, GABA brown rice and germinated brown rice
  • Black thick spherical inner cooking pan
  • Detachable and washable stainless steel inner lid
  • Easy-to-read and use orange LCD control panel with Clock and Timer
  • Interchangeable melody and beep signal
  • Delay timer (2 settings)
  • 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor
  • Language: Box in English and French, Instruction Manual in English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese (FR/VT in separate book)
  • Capacity* Up to 5.5 cups / 1.0 liter *Capacity is measured in the approx. 6 oz. / 180mL rice measuring cup, using raw short grain white rice. Other grains may vary.
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 10 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Electrical Rating 120 volts / 1,230 watts
  • Color Stainless Steel
  • Made in Japan
  • cETLus listed, tested to comply with FCC standards

Product Features

Will Induction Heating (IH) Make Better Rice ?

The heating method known as Induction Heating (IH) occurs when a magnetic material is placed in a magnetic field. In our case, coils within the bottom of the steel rice cooker create the magnetic field. When the inner cooking pan is placed into the rice cooker and the unit is activated, a magnetic field is generated to create instant heat within the inner cooking pan. Through this technology the inner cooking pan itself becomes the heat source utilizing both high heat and fine heating adjustments to control the cooking process.

What is Germinated Brown Rice?

Germinated brown rice is a type of brown rice that is ready to be germinated by a special process. The process gives a softer texture and improved taste. It also contains increased values of GABA. It is a type of rice that can be cooked using the Softer menu. Germinated brown rice is sometimes called sprouted brown rice.

What is Clear Coating?

The rice cooker’s stainless steel exterior is coated with a clear coating to minimize the exterior from becoming dirty.

What is the Jasmine Setting?

This is a special menu setting for cooking Jasmine white rice. The cooking flow is different than the White rice setting because Jasmine rice cooks differently than short or medium grain white rice.

What is Automatic Keep Warm and Extended Keep Warm?

The rice cooker automatically switches to Keep Warm once it completes cooking. Changing to Extended Keep Warm is recommended when keeping rice warm for longer than 8 hours. The rice cooker keeps the rice at a slightly lower temperature when Extended Keep Warm is selected to minimize drying and yellowing of rice.

What is Melody Signal?

A melody sounds to alert when cooking begins, timer is set, or cooking has completed. The default setting is ‘Melody’ but may be changed to beeps or silent mode.

GABA Brown Setting (Brown Rice Activation)

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a type of amino acid said to lower blood pressure, improve kidney function, and relieve stress. The rice cooker activates brown rice by keeping the temperature inside the pan at about 104°F for 2 hours, increasing the nutrient 1.5 times.

Go Beyond Sushi!


Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker with Slow Cooker and Bread Maker Stainless Steel, Black 5.5-Cup

Tiger is a Japanese company. It brings Japanese technology to make the best quality electronic appliances for the kitchen. Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker has excellent quality, and the reputation of the company gives it an edge over other companies.

The Tiger rice cooker comes with chic style and simple multi functions. This make it a good choice for those who do not like to fret over complicated functions and settings.

This comes with MICOM technology and an induction heating system that has changed the world of conventional rice cooking.

Tiger JKT-S10U-K IH Rice Cooker

High Quality Rice Cooker and Warmer

This 5.5-cup rice cooker and warmer creates a perfect meal every single time. It comes with the new ‘tacook’ synchronized cooking function where users can prepare two dishes simultaneously with Synchro-Cooking function and the power of Induction Heating. Unlike other rice cookers, Tiger’s cooking plate is specially designed so the flavors from the cooking plate do not affect the flavor or texture of the rice.

Computerized Cooking Menu Settings

There are 11 computerized cooking menu settings to choose from. Select plain, ultra, or quick button to cook white rice. Quick mode will cook rice at the shortest time. The new Ultra setting will bring out its maximum sweetness, flavor, and stickiness. This menu will soak the rice twice as long as with the plain menu and take extra time to heat and cook delicious rice. Synchro-Cooking function will cook rice and side dish together, using the ‘tacook’ cooking plate. Other options include jasmine, brown, mixed, porridge, slow cook, oatmeal, and bread baking function.

Here’s the deal:

Micom (Microcomputer) Technology

This technology allows the rice cooker and warmer to be controlled by a microcomputer chip that is inserted inside the rice cooker. The micom chip is programmed with all the menu setting and functions, it adjusts the power and cooking time according to your choice. Once the inner pan is inserted with the ingredients and the setting is chosen, the sensor on the bottom of the inner body will activate the cooking process. With minimal preparation and the press of a button, the micom chip does all the work of monitoring the cooking temperature and creating a perfect meal every time.


  1. With induction heating technology it allows for even distribution of heat throughout the plate. This gives you identical results time after time. This happens through electromagnetic heat conduction through the inner pot. This distributes heat evenly around the pot.
  2. It has a non-stick ceramic coated inner pan that prevents your rice from scorching.
  3. The inner lid and the steam vent cap are easily detachable and washable..
  4. The cooking timer lets you set up the limit as to when you want cooker to stop cooking and switch to keep warm mode.
  5. The multi-functional settings can help you make a wide range of  different dishes from stew and chili to even bread! You need to learn the features and how they function.
  6. The pan on the inner side has a grip handle and this makes the rice cooker easily portable. This feature, coupled with the large capacity, make the rice cooker ideal for picnics and outings with large gatherings.

What are the drawbacks?

  • The stainless rice cooker unit is a little complicated. It will take some time to learn how all the different settings and functions work. It is not the easiest to use.
  • Also, there are Chinese replicas of this original Japanese rice cooker in the market so you should be careful only to buy the original thing.
  • It unfortunately does not come with a retractable power cord that is safer and more convenient to have in a rice cooker.


We recommend this Tiger Induction Heating Rice Cooker.  It will take some getting used to and you will need to spend some time learning the functions. Also, there are some features on this unit that you can only learn with experience. But its long lasting quality and consistent results make it a purchase make you happy for years and years. Especially if rice makes an important part of your family meals every day.


Cuckoo CRP-GHSR1009F Full Stainless 3.0 Classico Smart IH 10 Cup Electric Pressure Rice Cooker, 120V, Titan Silver


This Cuckoo rice cooker model is completely made of stainless steel and can cook 10 cups of rice at a time.

It comes in a very compact design that adds to its beauty.

The exterior of this stainless steel rice cooker comes with multifunctional menu settings. Cuckoo CRP-GHSR1009F Pressure Rice Cooker is an advance one in the range of Cuckoo rice cooker

The Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cooker GHSR1009F review guides you through the pros, cons and a little more information that you need to know when making the purchase.

The positives:

  • Voice navigation system comes in three languages (English, Chinese and Korean)
  • The inner pot is made of Stainless steel. This, along with the stainless steel ventilation pipe means these were designed with the consumers’ health and well –being in mind.
  • The blue LED screen with a touch selection menu does not only make it a real hi-tech gadget and also fun to use.
  • The cleanup part is also easy as the inner lid is detachable.


I can’t emphasize this enough:

The negatives:

  • Cuckoo CRP-GHSR1009F Pressure Rice Cooker is overly priced and even though it is high on quality and technology, most people will probably prefer the cheaper and equally robust alternatives.
  • The features are too much for the average user, who might get confused around so many advanced and sophisticated options, and hence prefer a simpler type.
  • Language remains a minor problem and although it comes with triple-language navigation, the system initiates from Korean language and it is a little frustrating to find the way though to English voice. The instruction manual is also badly translated and poses a bit of annoyance and uselessness.
  • It also takes up considerable foot space on the kitchen counter or in the cabinet, and to make room for it might become a cumbersome task.



The average consumer would be forgiven for choosing this model simply because of its flattering, ultra-modern design.

For the more scrupulous buyer, these are not enough. The true foody will choose the Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cooker GHSR1009F because of its many features and functions. There is a quite intimidating list of functions and technologies that would convince anyone of the Cuckoo rice cooker’s being the best. These include the pressure cooking technology that lets the food cook under a steamed vessel.

This function not only saves time and energy by 70%, but also preserves all the nutrients from leaving the vessel and steams your rice.

It also maintains the taste of the rice and kills the harmful bacteria in food. In these ways, choosing Cuckoo is best from a health perspective.



Cuckoo has all next generation state of the art technologies that are needed for it to compete in the very competitive japanese rice cookers industry. Apart from its high-tech facility, what make it distinct is extremely chic and modern exteriors that can adorn any kitchen exterior.

The price is definitely high, but you might consider it worth a buy if you are up for the flawless, next generation experience. The Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cooker CHSS1009F review has thereby guided you through all the aspects that you needed to know when buying the rice cooker


The Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10

For some folks, a simple device that is easy to use and easy to clean is all they’re looking for. If this sounds like you, then read on. The Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 review below will make this an easy choice for you.

Zojirushi is a Korean company, leading in the manufacture of high-tech cooking products, including rice cookers. It has taken conventional rice cooking to the next level by creating technologies that could truly new and innovative.

This compact model by Zojirushi comes with 5 ½ cup capacity, MICOM technology and a new Fuzzy Logic technology that lets the machine decide the appropriate settings for the type of rice you want to make.

Choose from porridge, to a variety of steamed rice, brown rice, sushi rice and mixed rice and let the thermal sensor of Fuzzy Logic take care of the rest.

    • Its multi menu system allows you to navigate through its extensive warming options. From keep warm to extended keep-warm and reheating options, you can choose the best heating option for your needs.
    • The inner pot has a unique round shape that ensures consistent heating throughout the pot.
    • The MICOM technology makes use of ‘micro computerized’ technology.  This unit can automatically adjust settings according to the needs of the rice.
    • The fuzzy logic system is truly a next level technology.
    • The menu settings can guide you through the options of making white rice, mixed rice, porridge, sweet, semi-brown, brown, rinse-free and quick cooking. You get a large number of options at your fingertips.


  • This ns zcc10 design is quite simple. However, there has been some confusion regarding cup sizing as the Japanese measurement of the cup differs from the American version. Take care in the conversion.
  • The process might take longer than the conventional method. And you will have to depend on the Micom till the process finishes by itself.
  • The rice is prepared best if the ratios are measured with the Zojirushi’s cup only.
  • The price is reasonable. It might be the best value for the average buyer.

Additional Features:

  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Colour: Premium white
  • Package includes: 2 measuring cups, nonstick rice scooper, spoon holder, and recipe booklet
  • Display: Large colored LCD screen
  • Timer: delay timer present with dual programmable systems
  • This model has great portability: Can easily be transported with the fold down handle available


We hope you agree this Zojirushi Rice Cooker NS-ZCC10 review will help you purchase the best stainless steel rice cooker options in the market.

The premium white compact model has made it to our best rice cooker reviews because of its beautiful design, advanced Neuro Fuzzy technology, and multi-functional system.

It has sufficient capacity for domestic use, and is a bargain with the numerous facilities that come along with it. While it is not exactly a portable rice cooker, it travels easily and well.



When you start shopping for your rice cooker, be sure to remember the information we have provided for you here, so you can get the right rice cooker for your needs. With prices and styles ranging from inexpensive to expensive, you will want to get the best for your money that you can and still have it meet your cooking needs.

You will never look at cooking rice the same again once you have used a rice cooker, especially if you opt to get one that has a lot of features on it that give you additional options for cooking. You may find that you start cooking rice a lot more often since it’s so easy and fun.


After extensive testing and careful review, our choice is the Zojirushi ns-zcc10. But we need to admit that part of that decision came from the fact that we have a small family. We think that your choice, also, should depend upon the size of your family. There is no need to buy a large unit if you only prepare 2 cups of rice at a time.


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