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Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker: Read This Before You Buy

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After hours and hours researching and reviewing different makes and models in an effort to find the best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker ,  I  am ready to share my list of the best with you. Look ==> Continue reading

Cuisinart Rice Cooker Review: We Compare the Top 3 for 2018

Cuisinart Rice Cooker Review: We Compare the Top 3 for 2018

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Cuisinart has some of the best and highest brand recognition in America.

With a long-standing reputation for durable and handy kitchen appliances, you really can’t go wrong with this line. If you’re looking for a high quality and reliable rice cooker, Cuisinart is right at the top of the list. We are reviewing the Top 3 so you can decide which one is the best to buy? Look ==> Continue reading

Bake Cake in Rice Cooker? Uga Uga!

Bake Cake in a Portable Rice Cooker?

Baking cake in a rice cooker? Can you do it. Can it even be done? Would you try? Read on and Learn how =>

For many modern Chinese it’s not a question of would they do it but rather how to do it. Many Chinese do not have conventional Western ovens. However they do have rice cookers. Here’s the problem that needs a solution:  how do you make a cake using a rice cooker instead of a western oven.  Look ==> Continue reading

6 Quick and Easy Tips for Using Your Stainless Steel Rice Cooker


6 Tips To RICE COOKER Rice: Quick & Easy

Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

It used to be that we cooked rice or vegetables on the top of the stove. You added the rice to boiling water. As with many things in the American diet, we lost something when we traded for convenience. For example, those easy and convenient “minute rice” dishes. Along with the convenience, we lost nutrition. This rice is precooked, then dehydrated and then packaged.

All to save a few minutes. Not only do you lose nutrition, but the taste is much different. There is really nothing to compare to a bowl of fresh, delicious rice. But now there’s something better: a rice cooker. If you haven’t used one of these beauties before, prepare to be inspired.

There are a few things you need to know before hand.  Look ==>
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