Cuisinart Rice Cooker Review: We Compare the Top 3 for 2018

Cuisinart Rice Cooker Review: We Compare the Top 3 for 2018

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Cuisinart has some of the best and highest brand recognition in America.

With a long-standing reputation for durable and handy kitchen appliances, you really can’t go wrong with this line. If you’re looking for a high quality and reliable rice cooker, Cuisinart is right at the top of the list. We are reviewing the Top 3 so you can decide which one is the best to buy? Look ==>

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The choice of a Cuisinart rice cooker partly depends on your needs and size of your family. If you have a family of four, you probably don’t need a 10 cup rice cooker. A 4 - 6 cup would most likely serve your family very well. But some are also better than others. With that in mind, we’ve sorted through all the hype to bring you the best Cuisinart rice cookers of 2017.


   #1)  MSC-400 3 in 1  

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The Cuisinart MSC-400 is a 3 in 1 rice cooker, meaning you can use it as a rice cooker or slow cooker, or you can use it to saute and brown a variety of foods. One of several reasons this model is our Editor’s Choice is that it comes in 4, 6 and 7 quart versions with the 4-quart being the most popular in user reviews.


It incorporates a large backlit LCD display, so it’s easy to read the time and temperature even in a dimly lit kitchen. It also has a glass lid so you can keep an eye on dinner without letting the heat out. A steaming rack is included with the unit. This allows you to prepare a one-pot meal or to cook your rice and fish at the same time and have them ready to serve together. And more importantly, this unit comes with a three-year warranty.



  •         Dimensions:  10.5” x 16.5” x 8.7”
  •         Weight: 9.5 pounds



  •         Doesn’t heat up the kitchen
  •         Easy to clean and use
  •         8 hour keep warm setting along with High and Low



The only real con with this unit in user reviews is that it’s hard to buy replacement parts. While it is durable and has a warranty, if you drop the lid on a concrete floor and the handle breaks off, you may have to buy a whole new unit since it’s hard to find the separate parts for sale. So, be careful.


      #2)   CRC-400 4 or 8 Cup   cuisinart_rice_cooker_review

This is another versatile option. While it’s specifically designed to cook rice, you can also use it for vegetables, meat, fish, oatmeal, quinoa, groats and a whole host of other foods. It looks different than most steamers due its square design, which is stainless steel and looks modern.

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Instead of plastic parts like some other models on the market today, this Cuisinart has a stainless steel steamer basket and comes with a glass lid, measuring cup and rice paddle. When the rice is done, it automatically switches to warming mode, a very convenient feature.


If this model is too small for you (it only makes 4 cups prepared rice), it also comes in an 8 cup model which is highly rated as well.



  •         Dimensions: 10.1” x 10.7” x 9.9”
  •         Weight: 7.41 ounces
  •         Cooking capacity: 2 cups dry; 4 cups prepared



  •         Modern stylish design
  •         Durable (lid is made of safety glass)
  •         Versatile with stainless steel steamer basket



While you can remove the lid on this model for easy cleaning, it does tend to catch a lot of condensation during the cooking process. Just use caution when removing it after your dinner is done so you don’t get burned by the hot water condensed on the inside of the lid.


      #3)   CRC-800 15 Cup   cuisinart_rice_cooker_review

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If you have a large family or like to keep a large quantity of rice on hand, the Cuisinart 15 cup rice cooker is a perfect solution. The inside of the cooker is comprised of a non-stick surface that’s fast and easy to clean. The stay-cool handles keep you safe and also keep you from digging for a towel or pot holder at the last minute.


For the controls, it has and easy to use lever that goes from Warm to Cook, and when the cooking is done, the unit automatically switches over into warming mode so your rice won’t get cold, and it won’t get overcooked and mushy.


It comes with a built-in steamer tray so you can add vegetables, fish or meat to your meal as well. Unlike other models, it comes with a retractable cord for easy storage.



  •         Dimensions: 10.75” x 9.38” x 10.13”
  •         Weight: 8.5 pounds



  •         Extra-large capacity
  •         Easy to use and clean
  •         Versatile for different types of food



It seems the biggest problem with the Cuisinart 15 cup rice cooker is that it’s big. With a footprint over 10”, it will take up about as much space on your counter as an average slow cooker. However, this is a small price to pay if you want the option of making up to 15 cups of rice in one go. And if you are familiar with the Cuisinart brand, or perhaps you have one or two of their appliances already, then you are familiar with the way these items fit on your kitchen counters.


Final Thoughts


Whether you are looking for a small or very large rice steamer and cooker or something in between, Cuisinarts are a great option to consider. They are durable, they have a great reputation for durability, they are easy to use and easy to clean after the meal is done. You do need to be aware of their Cuisinart rice cooker cup size.

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Whichever one you choose really depends on your personal preference and the amount of food you need to cook. This line is a good value, very highly rated in user reviews and true to its name and reputation, will last through years of use and still look good on your counter.

If Cuisinart is not the rice cooker for you, you can see our Best Rice Cooker Review. Click Here.

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