Kitchen Cutting/Carving Board - Does Yours Need to be Replaced?

Kitchen Cutting Boards




Who Needs A Kitchen Cutting/Carving Board?

A kitchen cutting board is essential for nearly any home chef, and most experts recommend having  two separate boards. One is for cutting raw meats, poultry, and fish; the other for vegetables and other raw foods.  Look ==>


You’ll find kitchen cutting boards made from a range of materials, but according to some experts, plastic and wood are the best for most kitchens. Which type you invest in depends on your cooking and cleaning style. cooking and cleaning style.

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But it also depends on the size of your kitchen and the amount of free counter space and maybe even the size of your sink. These things may be more important than any other single feature. I have given cutting boards away because they were too big for my kitchen.


Top Picks

Here are three different kitchen cutting boards that all come highly recommended by reviews on Amazon (and one honorable mention).


  1. Oxo Good Grips Cutting Board.

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  • Soft, tapered handles make lifting Board easy
  • Double sided use helps prevent cross contamination
  • Durable, non-porous, odor-resistant polypropylene Boards
  • Resists deep scratches and maintains sharp knives; 14.5” x 21”
  1.   Midori Bamboo Wood Cutting Board  (5 stars)

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  • Top Quality : The bamboo is stronger than maple, giving you a long lasting cutting board that will never crack or splinter, and it is moisture resistant, ensuring the best tasting meals possible for your family and friends. Notice in our reviews how many people rave about how beautiful this cutting board is - it can double as a serving tray
  • Very low maintenance : No other wood resists moisture like bamboo, making clean up a snap. Simply rinse bacteria and food particles away easily with soap and water. For best results, click here for detailed instructions
  • 100% organic : Our eco-friendly cutting board is dye and formaldehyde free, and is made from 100% organic bamboo which naturally resists bacteria
  • Versatile : Our Super Strong bamboo cutting board is lightweight, but large enough for all of your food prep needs: slice up perfect steak, chicken, bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables. It won’t slip on you, keeping you and your family safe with every use
  1.  Dutis 3-piece Cutting Board Set

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  • Dishwasher safe cutting board, the cutting boards will not warp or degrade. Easy to clean and maintain
  • All cutting boards have rubber feet which make them convenient and safe non-slip cutting boards. You will never have to worry about your cutting boards sliding while youre chopping food.
  • A set of 3 cutting boards in three different sizes. Large 16 x 10, Medium 13 x 8, and Small 10 x 6. Each board is 1/3 thick.
  • Large and comfortable carrying handles that make transporting your cutting boards between your cutting station and stove very easy.
  • Each cutting board comes with a groove on one side for collecting juices from fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats and a flat surface on the other side giving you more cutting room.


Best Reviews

It is very difficult to find cutting boards with 5 star reviews on Amazon. It seems that people are very particular about their boards.

Midori Bamboo Board

Honorable Mention

The honorable mention is here because it gets 5 stars and great reviews. It is, however, a bit more expensive than the other three. If you want a ‘bring-it-to-the-table’ kind of cutting board, then this is definitely for you.


  1.  John Boos Maple Wood Edge Grain Cutting Board (Honorable Mention)

       You can see this board on Amazon by clicking here.

Now, if you are like me and consider Amazon reviews before you buy, then these are the three that stand out. Trust me, I’ve read every single review. And then I tested each of these for myself.


It only matters how a board looks if you’re going to keep it out on a counter. Or if you intend to bring it to the table and serve from it.


What really matters (and this is made clear in many, many reviews) is how it feels when you cut on it. And how easily it cleans and stores.

Best Material For Your Cutting Board

Cutting boards are made out of many different kinds of material. Here are the three most popular:


  • Plastic: Plastics are harder on knife edges and will show more gouge marks than wood, but are much easier to clean. They go into the dishwasher, for example. All plastic boards scar over time. This makes them harder and harder to clean properly. As a general rule of thumb, you should consider replacing plastic boards every two years. The same goes for warped boards.
  • Wood: Wood is attractive and tends to be easier on knives. They do, however, require more maintenance, They need to be washed carefully and oil should be applied on a regular basis. The edge grain type of wood cutting board can withstand moisture-based cracking and splitting better, and are easier to clean.
  • Composite and other materials: Composite boards are essentially many layers baked and pressed together. They are food-safe and easily maintained, but generally quite tough on knife edges. You’ll also find granite and glass boards, but these are even worse for retaining a sharp blade.


Many experts strongly recommend having one board large enough to chop several ingredients at once: at least 15 inches along one side.


Most cutting boards will include a groove near the board’s edges to collect the juices from cooked meats and fish and squishy vegetables and keep them from spilling onto your kitchen counters. I’ve tried a board with and without grooves. The grooves are a really good feature. I looked for boards with this feature.

Plastic is my choice for prepping raw meat. It cleans easily and goes in the dishwasher. However, staining is an issue that came up several times in reviews. Your plastic cutting board is going to stain. If this really bothers you, then I suggest you buy the John Boos Maple Wood board.

Lots of things stain. Lobster stains and beets stain and tomatoes stain and even red peppers will stain as well many other things that you chop. If you get coffee grounds on the board, they will stain. This is something I choose to overlook in my kitchen.

I also see many cutting boards bragging about handles. A handle or two makes transporting a board easier. This is only partly correct. My opinion is that you don’t need a handle to make a good board. You are not carrying it to school like a lunchbox. At best, you’re moving it from one counter to another. You don’t need a handle to do this. You need to be able to lift it with confidence.

The best boards sit solidly, without sliding on a countertop. Plastic boards tend to be more squirrelly, although some compensate for this by adding borders or feet made of rubbery materials. This is not a problem with wooden boards. And the two plastic boards in my list each deal with this in very effective ways. Heavier wood boards move less, but this is because they are heavier. And this makes them more difficult to move for cleaning or storage.



Chefs Dreams #1 Choice

Chefs Dreams #1 choice is the Oxo Good Grips Carving and Cutting Board. It has the best combination of kitchen performance and easy maintenance. The textured plastic makes for easier slicing and keeps the board from slipping better than other models. It can be used on both sides and is odor resistant. It comes in the best size and has a better juice groove. And the soft tapered handles means you can lift this board with ease and confidence. And it comes in both black or red. For its very reasonable price, you can’t beat what you’re getting.

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Emily Bedard from Amazon had this to say:

“.. Knives like this cutting board, too, because it maintains sharp edges while resisting deep scratches..”


The soft tapered handles come in black or red. Several reviewers suggested that this was an added benefit. They found they could color code which board was used for which task. Pretty smart.


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